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Use us to unload your Cable Scrap and Get best price for your effort.

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“Srap Buyer Near Me” is one of the leading Scarp Dealers in Hyderabad with having 20 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers. We adopted internet to make smooth experiece during selling scrap like anyother on your finger tips so that customers can enjoy doorstep pickup in excahnge customers will get paid too.


We offer wide variety of services for our very owned customers so that they can make use of it.

Leave it or Live with it

Scrap Buyer Near Me” had good name in this Scrap business for setting the best price in the market for our customers.

We accept wide variety of Cable Scarp like Heavy Electrical Wires to Fibre Net Cables and what Not copper wires, Aluminium wires, Electronic mini wires etc.,

Never hesitate to call us anytime to Dispose your Cable Scrap by clicking the Button below

Happy Customers


Best place to sell Cable scrap. I thought it’s a hug process but with the simplistic way of approach they receive customers very friendly.

- Gajula Balakrishna

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